Why Auctions?

Now more than ever, auctions are quickly being selected as the premier method for selling real estate. Auctions provide an exclusive way to showcase an individual property or community to the marketplace. “A key ingredient to our success is the customized marketing campaign that we present for each property,” says Laura Slyman, President of Slyman Real Estate and Marketing Director for Slyman Auction. “Each auction is different and must be handled as a unique project.”

Slyman Auction has always had a strong presence in the community. With nearly 50 years of experience in the Knoxville area, Slyman Auction has been the company of choice when it comes to selling property via the auction method and is proud to note that they have successfully sold in over 30 West Knoxville subdivisions.

While real estate auctions provide a great way for buyers or investors to acquire property at a truly market driven price, attending an auction can also be quite entertaining. “We are sensitive to the fact that most people attending our auctions have never been to a real estate auction before,” says Jim Slyman, Principle Auctioneer.

Slyman Auction and Slyman Real Estate are successfully selling homes throughout the Knoxville area and stand ready and willing to offer their expertise to assist their clients in accomplishing their goals.

The reasons for auction’s rapid growth are simple. People are learning that when you sell at public auction, the spotlight of publicity is focused on YOUR PROPERTY. This publicity brings together interested buyers who bid competitively for it, and that competition stimulates prices as no other marketing method can.

Sellers are embracing the auction method of marketing as never before because Auctions Get RESULTS! Selling at Auction is the only means by which it is possible for you to receive more than you wanted for the property!

With an auction, time consuming private negotiations are eliminated, and the Auctioneer’s focused-marketing skills bring in the maximum number of qualified buyers.


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